Voice of Evidence Episode 6 : Mental health issues plaguing Americans today

The BODYCHEM CAST with Karamo TV Host & Star of Queer Eye joined us and discussed mental health issues plaguing Americans today.

As we take a step back from the physiology and biochemistry behind the pandemic and the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, we dove into the psychological issues of quarantining.

Karamo explained the current problem plaguing our society as a mental health pandemic, and that is the ability to be truly vulnerable and your true genuine authentic self.

Karamo discussed vulnerability as the root cause of the problem. In his opinion, we should embrace it rather than fearing it. He believes it unites us rather than divides. The intimate connections we all struggle to attain are what, he believes require us to be vulnerable. Karamo presented a blueprint to achieve this. Part of this is rejecting the noise that we are bombarded with coming from social media and advertising. The superficially driven false expectation is what denies us intimacy as well as fostering anxiety and social isolation. We discussed the magic behind movement is Medicine.

Karamo suggested we practice the 3 P’s to truly be successful in life: Patience; Persistence; Perseverance.

Join us for this eye-opening discussion!

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