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Voice of Evidence Episode 6 : Mental health issues plaguing Americans today

Karamo discussed vulnerability as the root cause of the problem. In his opinion, we should embrace it rather than fearing it. He believes it unites us rather than divides. The intimate connections we all struggle to attain are what, he believes require us to be vulnerable. Karamo presented a blueprint to achieve this. Part of this is rejecting the noise that we are bombarded with coming from social media and advertising.

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Voice of Evidence Episode 4 : What’s on the horizon for 2021?

For most of us, the catharsis felt from putting an end to 2020 is profoundly felt. Nearly an entire year has been consumed by the COVID-19 Pandemic and this placed an unprecedented strain on all of our lives. Each of us has suffered both physically and mentally is countless ways. We are survivors, but 2020 has certainly transformed us all

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Voice of Evidence #1 – Garden of Dreams

Larger than Life is a nonprofit organization created to support kids facing pediatric cancer and their families from diagnosis to recovery. Their method is to bring about a significant change in these families’ lives by creating joyful experiences while continuing to improve the quality of care and medical conditions for the children.

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